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Mattie Marie originally from the beach town of Carlsbad, CA is a professional makeup and special effects artist who is international. Currently she is bi-coastal between Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA. She has worked in print, runway, film, music videos, television, e-commerce, commercials, and indoor/outdoor project locations just to name a few categories. Mattie continues to be interested in expanding her horizons by staying involved in ever changing opportunities. Mattie works on all skin tones, skin types, and genders.

Mattie also volunteers her time as a makeup artist with different charities as she loves to give back. Her passion for the creative world drives her motivation and determination for success. She is someone who lives her best life daily and spreads love and kindness to anyone she meets in her personal and professional life.

Mattie travels all over the world providing her makeup services and lives on sight at the location when needed. She was trained in all beauty, men's grooming, and special effects at the Makeup Designory School in Burbank, CA back in 2010.

Mattie's goal and passion is to touch the lives of those she works with by bringing out their beauty, confidence, and sparking happiness and more self love within them. She provides more than just a service, but also an experience that she hopes touches each client by enabling them to shine brightly in their authentic self. She loves to work with companies and/or clients prepping beforehand to bring their visions to life for projects. Mattie uses a wide variety of cosmetic brands when working, continuously researching her craft to stay up to date in the makeup field, and educates herself on the new launches from brands each season.


Mattie believes beauty is defined by a bare face canvas enhanced with a natural beauty application to create a masterpiece of makeup perfection.

"You only get one life so live it by loving what you do so you get to wake up everyday excited and grateful for the adventure ahead."-Mattie Marie

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